What I do

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Foodways… Research. Writing. Consulting.

I have traveled the United States, Europe, and the Caribbean researching, publishing articles, giving lecture and cooking demonstrations, and developing projects such as museum exhibits. Much of my attention and interest has been focused on the development of my non-profit, Roots Cuisine, which promotes the foodways and culture of the the global African Diaspora, but the depth and breadth of my food knowledge and interests are even broader.

  • Algerian Pastries
  • Baking and Pastry Arts
  • Colonial Foodways (former European colonies in Africa, Asia, and the Americas in particular)
  • Cuisines of the Humble (ie, Cucina Povera or Peasant Food)…across cultures
  • Ethnobiology, Ethnobotany, and Economic Botany
  • Middle Eastern Food and Cooking
  • Tropical Foodways
  • Tropical Fruits and Food Plants
  • Turkish and Middle Eastern Dessert Traditions

to name but a few…

It is important to me to know a great deal about global food history and related culture as possible. My backgrounds in history and language also shape my interests and together with an intense curiosity about food and culture and how they shape each other, I have developed a unique and well-informed perspective on food, food history, and related culture.

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