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Council of Historians

That recent Atlantic article suggesting that the President needs a council of historians to consult.



“Why the President Needs a Council of Historians” (Graham Allison and Niall Ferguson)

While I’d never thought of it before, I certainly agree. As a food historian and a former grad student in history (ugh, don’t ask and I won’t tell), and former high school history teacher, I can tell you that people don’t know anything. It’s really rare that people really know history, even the party line. Honestly, if you want to change your entire life, your whole entire self, pick up a history book. It’s been made painfully obvious, most of our government officials don’t know their history and if they do, it’s probably what you learn in high schools or basic college history courses. It is necessary. I hope the idea of such a council is given some serious consideration.

Click the image to read that article if you haven’t already.