Libraries & Archives

Library & Information Science
I am most specifically interested in Special Collections and Archives, the two areas in which I ultimately specialized during library school. Because I also have interest and training in digital humanities. I am interested in developing projects that allow users easier access to information so that they may focus more on research to develop projects (not necessarily digital) and share information in creative, effective ways. My goal is to work in a special library (including museums or historical societies), academic library, or an archives.

Subject Matter
I am strongly focused on cultural heritage and material culture in librarianship. Of particular interest is foodways,  Afrodescendent and Middle Eastern history, culture, heritage and the histories of colonialism and enslavement. I’d like to develop, manage and maintain collections and archives that provide information and context about these topics in order to provide access to information that is often misunderstood or even omitted from the historical or social record.

Library Interests
& Specialties
Subject Matter Interests
& Expertise
Special CollectionsFoodways & Material Culture
ArchivesAfrican American, African Diaspora,
& African History & Culture
Digital HumanitiesMiddle Eastern History & Culture
Information Literacy & AccessColonial History & History of Enslavement throughout
the African Diaspora
Folkways & Folk Art

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