This portfolio contains a range of work produced in my graduate Library Science program at the Pratt Institute. The chosen projects are meant to reflect the following core competencies as outlined in the Pratt SILS program mission:

  • Research
  • Communication Skills – Effective communication as an information professional across various platforms. 
  • Technology – Effective use and competency with information technology and digital tools
  • User-Centered Focus – Display understanding of user relevant application of LIS concepts and awareness of diverse user communities
  • LIS Practice – Professional practice and leadership


Project Title: Collection Development Policy: Hall Memorial Foodways Library 

Project URL: Collection Development Policy Project Description: The policy was a project for LIS 660 (Collection Development). I developed a collection development policy for a foodways library that I plan to build. The policy addresses purchasing, donations, and collection weeding.  Methods: I reviewed a selection of collection development policies from existing academic and special libraries as examples for the collection development policy. I incorporated multiple elements from these policies to create a structure for the original policy for the Hall Memorial Foodways Library. Because the intent is to amass materials for a special collections library whose collections support foodways research, I focused on example policies from those two types of libraries.


Tags: collection development, collection development policy, collection management, foodways


Project Title: African American Foodways and Collection Building: Examining the Importance and Challenges of Progressive Food Librarianship.

Project URL

African American Foodways & Collection Building (final paper) LIS 651-03 Project Description: This paper was the final research project for LIS 651 (Theories of Information). I collected and analyzed textual research inspired by my interested in pursuing food librarianship and by philosophical texts covered in the course, I discuss how food collections are shaped by issues of hegemony. I define food librarianship and give and overview of the development of food studies, a phenomenon that has inspired the growth of more and more foodways collections. I also talk about why food libraries and librarianship are important, including a discussion of the lack of attention given to the burgeoning field and to the problems and challenges of developing collections of materials on topics such as African American foodways. Methods: I collected textual research and incorporated relevant readings and course work from class to create an original research paper analyzing collection development in the context of

Foodways collection paper

Tags: foodways, food librarianship, collection development, food studies, LIS, collection development policy

  Project Title: Linked Data: Organizing Information From the Back End to the Front  Project URL: n/a Project Description: The presentation was one of a series of topics assigned as group projects in LIS 653 (Knowledge Organization) designed to introduce new  concepts in information organization. The project itself was motivated by the desire to personally understand and explore linked data as a concept but also by the desire to create a prototype for a cultural heritage project called Caribbean Links that used my partner’s and my interest in Latin American and Caribbean Art and African Diaspora foodways as inspiration. The prototype used linked data schema to connect instances of food in fine art subsequently linking information from global cultural heritage institutions, online publications, and our own work to provide context for instances of food in Latin American and Caribbean art. Along with my partner I research Linked Data using electronic journals and books. I also collaborated to developed teaching examples to more clearly convey the nature of linked data and its function as a organizational tool for information in LIS. We used PowerPoint for this presentation.

Tags: Semantic Web, Linked Data, Afro-Foodways, Latin American Art, Caribbean Art

Project Title: Afro-Foodways LibGuide Project URL: Project Description: As part of LIS 652 (Information Services and Resources) I was required to develop a research guide using the SpringShare platform. My project, a libguide for African Diaspora foodways and food studies resources was written as a tool for a researcher with limited food studies research experience. I include suggestions and links to multimedia content available on the Internet and in libraries globally. Methods: I conducted research to identify print and electronic resources to support African Diaspora food studies research. I provided links to full text publications that are challenging to find for the inexperienced researcher. In the body of the libguide, I included helpful tips for conducting keyword and subject searches. 

African Diaspora Foodways LibguideTags: Libguides, African Diaspora Foodways, African Diaspora, Food Studies, Research Guides, Food Research Tools

Project Title: “Curating a Flickr Page” (please excuse typo in title, which occurred during upload to site by a third party) Project URL: Project Description: As part of LIS 657 (Digital Humanities) I created a skill share video to demonstrate how to set up a Flickr page as as part of a class initiative to create a guide to digital humanities tools for librarians and other LIS professionals. 

Flickr Page

Tags: flickr curation, digital humanities, photo sharing, Quick Time Player

Project Title: “Signs of Bondage” Project URL: Project Description: As part of LIS 697 (Special Collections Institute) I created a digital exhibition showcasing special collections materials chosen from the Schomburg Center’s rare books collections demonstrate how to set up a Flickr page. I used the Omeka platform. The skillshare demonstrates my ability to use online technology and social media platforms to create content to help other information professional harness digital humanities tools for use in their own personal or professional environments.   KY Exhibition Overview Tags: Omeka, digital humanities, rare books, digital exhibitions

Project Title: Afro-Foodways Database [prototype] Project URL: n/a [project currently still in development] Project Description: A multi-lingual database of plant and ingredient names, cooking techniques, celebrations from around the global African Diaspora to be an important feature of the digital library Roots Cuisine Afro-Foodways Database Tags: Foodways Database, Afro-Foodways, Afrodescendents, Roots Cuisine

Roots Cuisine Header   Project Title: Roots Cuisine Project URL: Project Description: As part of LIS 697 (Digital Libraries) I enhanced the original website for the purposes of transforming it into a digital foodways library that currently has various types of original articles, bibliographies, photographs and will be expanded to include more. The goal of the project was to expand the website’s capacity to serve as the digital home for a physical foodways collection. During the project I added space for the Afro-foodways database, access digital research tools from around the Internet, a link to an Afro-foodways LibGuide, and a digital exhibition space.  

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