Foodways is the field dedicated to the multidisciplinary study of the relationship between human beings and food with a primary focus on the culture, symbolic, and ideological meaning of food, its processing, preparation, and consumption. Burgeoning interest in food has meant expansion and development in the ways that we consider food, culinary traditions and history, which means that different people approach foodways from different angles focusing on different topics, regions, time periods, etc. This can mean different things for writing, research, and library and archival collections, which is what I am setting out to explore in the work I am doing as an established food writer and researcher and a new librarian and archivist entering the field. Foodways is the focus of my writing and library interests and while I have a general interest in most food-related topics, my focus is the food traditions of the global African Diaspora. I am interested in documenting these traditions through my writing, research, and library and archives work. Here are the foodways writing and library-related projects I’m working on:

Roots Cuisine
Foodways and Collection Building
Afro-foodways Comprehensive Bibliography
Afro-foodways Database

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