It all falls down…kind of…

This week I have begun to think that the life of the librarian is not for the faint of heart. Yeah this is totally true for these library horror stories.* I am being dramatic, of course, which I am wont to do.

Anyway, this week I simultaneously had my financial aid substantially reduced to the point where I may or may not have to move to the Y in like Yonkers or Jersey City Heights in a week and perhaps beg for work at a local bodega or several local bodegas. In the midst of this I received a medium-substantial reimbursement scholarship from a local library organization of which I am a member. I learned about some great new fellowships and got denied a spot as a collection development intern at a local college library (I really wanted that). I had someone in an administrative position  in my program, and with whom I thought I had a good relationship be unnecessarily snippy while learning that I may still have a shot at more funding that I forgot to apply for last spring (I know).

On a personal front I broke up (?) with a man who is pretty good, for big girl reasons (if not in a big girl way), but had him totally respect it and still come through afterwards with a little emotional support when the great financial aid crisis of 2013 hit on Wednesday. I may or may not be able to pay my rent and buy my monthly MTA pass in a week when the time comes. I finally caught the mouse (or one of them anyway) that had climbed into my drawers and ate my vitamin C drops and has been leaving tiny poop pellets, erywhere for the past six months. We locked eyes before I lowered the boom (I did not lower the boom. I was too wimpy. Worse I shoved him/her into an empty Smuckers hot fudge jar and threw said jar into the garbage on the corner. I am profoundly guilty. But mousey- mouse just could not stay here. I explained this before and during the trek to the corner. I am so sorry for that Smuckers jar. Oh my goodness. And oh there’s so much more.

All of this junk in literally 5½ days.

This week has all been gross and simultaneously not, leaving me to have to find new ways to manage the fall out of what’s shaping up to be a much less manic relationship with the universe. And by that I mean either hopelessly, soul-crushingly shitty or ebulliently, gleefully amazing. So this may be good. For some reason I am erring on the side of good…

Also I am trying to figure out Photoshop so I can watermark my photos for posting. Bear with me.



*Ok maybe horror stories is extreme, but I’ll be honest anything involving poop anywhere spells horror to me!

Je suis bibliothécaire.

Been meaning to get this going for a long time.

I am living the summer between my first and second years of library school. I called myself a librarian for the first time two days ago at a party.

This summer I have been working as an intern at Columbia University, in the archives where I am am processing the papers of Sylvia Ardyn Boone, who was the first African American female tenured professor at Yale University. I have been volunteering with the New York Public Library’s Correctional Services Department fielding reference questions from inmates incarcerated primarily within the New York State Department of Corrections (I first typed that as “Questions” fitting, quite fitting…)

I have some assignments I’ve given myself related to getting published in the library world.

Did I mention I’m trying to blaze the food librarian trail?

It is high time I started thinking of and calling myself a librarian.

It all starts today. Well, technically, last Saturday.