My First Rare Book

I am building a library on my own. It’s called Roots Cuisine. Right now, it’s a website that I am working to transform into more of a digital library. There will be a physical library. I will develop a collection, a process I’ve actually already started.  

To that end I published a rare and important book earlier this year. I’m sort of torn about whether it will be part of the library collection or part of my own personal collection. I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it because I have a couple of other rather precious things I’m also eventually going to have to make decisions about. I’ve never posted a picture of it. It’s an original edition of The Historical Cookbook of the American Negro published by The National Council of Negro Women in 1958. It’s a first printing. So yes, pretty dope & it cost a grip too, for what it looks like to the untrained eye (I can say that now because I’m a special collections librarian!). 

Anyway, without further ado….


This is the title page. See? First printing! So exciting.


And the dedication page to the “Three Illustrious Marys”



This was a 1993 note from a previous owner. This book was a gift to her mother! Rare Books and SpecColl folk know what a score this is!


And finally, a Juneteenth menu. So a few new options for next year: veal and Texas tongue with green beans … Alright then.