devon house

Me at Devon House, Kingston, Jamaica, 2010


I am a writer, librarian/archivist, and independent food historian. Currently working as a research librarian at an small liberal arts joint in the Northeast and yearning to get back into the archives. *Fingers crossed.*

My interests in libraries and archives lie in building and making available, collections that document underrepresented groups comprehensively. I’m also strongly interested in ethics in collecting and access. I write about food and have subject matter expertise in foodways and food history. I have special interests in African Diaspora, African, and Middle Eastern culinary traditions but I’m globally inclined.

I am also the founder of Roots Cuisine, which I’m very slowly transforming into foodways library website. It’s will be the online home of the bricks and mortar foodways library I working toward, whose collections will document the foodways and food history of African Americans and the global African Diaspora.

As you might have figured out from what I’ve written, I’m working on combining the two in academic or special libraries.

Want to learn how I became involved in food?

Read my first ever article here, which was published in Gastronomica, in 2007. I’m still very proud of it.